Sonia Fitoussi

Je m'appelle Sonia Fitoussi, je suis photographe.

J'ai 2 domaines d'activité :

-La photo de rue qui a fait l'objet de nombreuses expositions et d'un livre ( voir ci-dessous)

-Les portraits : je suis à votre disposition pour réaliser vos portraits, pour votre communication ( site web, réseaux, publications, CV...) ou pour vous faire plaisir. Je réalise également des reportages événementiels.

Ce site n'est pas à jour de toutes mes photos, n'hésitez pas à consulter mes deux comptes Instagram pour avoir un meilleur aperçu de mon travail !

Je suis joignable au 06 62 70 17 99 et par mail ou sonia

https ://


I am a French, paris based photographer. Originally working as a lawyer, the seed of passion for street photography has been planted in 2004 when I moved from Paris to London. I have a deep passion for cities in general and more particularly for London, its bright colours and its people. Photographing is my daily dose of adrenaline and I can't help myself to look at the world surrounding me as a possible shot. All my photos are candid, I like colour and texture, combined with witty and affecting human juxtapositions. I love British humour and my favourite word is serendipity which describes perfectly for me what is Street Photography.

My photos have been shown in several solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Deauville. I was also one of the finalist of the Women Street photographer's festival in New York in December 2019.

“She is mostly capturing the hidden quirks of London that we rarely see. She pointed her lens covert alleyways, at peeled graffiti and the unwitting expressions of London Bobbies. London offers her constant inspiration and her work has an untouched, utopian feel. She manages to capture an unusual perspective or situation, the obvious and the obscure, the combination between the modern and the classic, showing us the idiosyncratic side to the city we would never think to notice. She mixes the classical and quirky side of London at the same time and loves to capture the dichotomy of the city” . ( The Resident Magazine, May 2012)

"A lot can be learned about the artist's point of view by the way a subject is portrayed and this is particularly evident in this body of work. The subject matter varies geographically in that the exhibit contains photographs from Miami and New York, all the way to France (the blue window) however despite this, there are very common and distinctive threads that run through the work, those of colour and warmth. It is as if the artist is expressing that she feels similar emotions about the places she photographs and is using the colour and light pull these places together, despite the distance between them.
The choice to use high saturation suggests strong emotion, as if the places, however beautiful, don't match her experience or memory and she feels it necessary to match her emotion with the memory.
Her choice of subjects is interesting too. Note that she has chosen not to photograph the typical iconic settings but instead has photographed the periphery (windows to the beach, a hair dresser, a hotel). These are not your typical subjects but then this is not a typical artist and the exhibit shows a depth of thought that makes us want to know more, not only about the places she has seen but about the events that made her memories so obviously bright and beautiful.
STEPHEN BARTELS, Stephen Bartels Gallery, Belgravia, London


- Winter 2020 : Collective exhibition, Bondi Beach, Australia, Head on photo festival

- Galerie 4, DartBlay Gallery, 4 Rue du Canivet, 75006, Paris, 5-15 Mars 2020

- El Bario Gallery, New York, Decembre2019 - Janvier 2020 (Collective exhibition with "Women Street photographers" collective)

- 54, the Gallery, London, Mayfair, 3-9 juin 2019

- Planches Contact, Deauville Festival of Photography, October 2017

- Brick Lane Gallery , London, 27 May-8th June 2015

- Hollywood Road Gallery,London, Chelsea, May 2012.

- Chelsea and Westminster Hospital , London, october 2010

- Au fil des mots, South Kensington, September 2009 & Juin 2010

- Stephen Bartels Gallery, Belgravia, London, May-July 2014

- Galerie du Métro, St Germain des Près, June 2012

-WH Smith, Tuileries, Paris, July 2012

-Oakham Gallery, Mayfair, June 2010 ( collective exhibition)

- Hollywood Road Gallery, " God save the Queen" June 2010 ( collective exhibition)

Livre, préfacé par David Abiker : or directly through Sonia ( for a special discount.

Online exhibition :

-Saatchi Gallery on line, based in London: