Sonia Fitoussi

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Sonia Fitoussi is French and lives in London.



After being a lawyer in France, she became a photographer when she moved in London forteen years ago.


Her photographies have been exhibited many times.


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Saatchi Gallery on line, based in London


Galerie Perahia, Saint Germain des Près, Paris, france:


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"A lot can be learned about the artist’s point of view by the way a subject is portrayed and this is particularly evident in this body of work. The subject matter varies geographically in that the exhibit contains photographs from Miami and New York, all the way to France (the blue window) however despite this, there are very common and distinctive threads that run through the work, those of colour and warmth. It is as if the artist is expressing that she feels similar emotions about the places she photographs and is using the colour and light pull these places together, despite the distance between them.

The choice to use high saturation suggests strong emotion, as if the places, however beautiful, don’t match her experience or memory and she feels it necessary to match her emotion with the memory.

Her choice of subjects is interesting too. Note that she has chosen not to photograph the typical iconic settings but instead has photographed the periphery (windows to the beach, a hair dresser, a hotel). These are not your typical subjects but then this is not a typical artist and the exhibit shows a depth of thought that makes us want to know more, not only about the places she has seen but about the events that made her memories so obviously bright and beautiful."

STEPHEN BARTELS, Stephen Bartels Gallery, Belgravia, London


-Planches Contact, Deauville Festival of Photography, October 2017


- Brick Lane Gallery , London, 27 May-8th June 2015


- Hollywood Road Gallery,London, Chelsea, May 2012.


- Chelsea and Westminster Hospital , London, october 2010


- Au fil des mots, South Kensington, September 2009 & Juin 2010


- Stephen Bartels Gallery, Belgravia, London, May-July 2014


- Galerie du Métro, St Germain des Près, June 2012


-WH Smith, Tuileries, Paris, July 2012



-Oakham Gallery, Mayfair, June 2010


- Hollywood Road Gallery, " God save the Queen" June 2010,




-Saatchi Gallery on line, based in London:


-Galerie Perhaia, St germain des Près, Paris :